About a month ago I posted a Blog “Busy at Meadow Field Luxury Glamping”, in which I talked about how immersed we were with the completion of the glamping tents and how quiet the farm was due to the exceptionally wet conditions. Who would have thought, no more than a few weeks later, how different things would turn out. However, just as our lives do a one-eighty and come to a standstill, the farm has done the opposite and is now alive with activity.



I also mentioned in that blog how quickly the ground conditions last autumn had gone from bone dry to too wet. The reverse has now happened, and dare I say it, a little bit of rain wouldn’t go amiss to help establish the newly planted crops. Just a little though…

With these dry conditions, we have been able to harvest some of the four acres of potatoes we had left in the field due to the wet winter. The majority of these are now being bagged up and sold at our local farm shop – Malt Kiln. Sugar beet is currently being harvested (albeit two months later than usual) and the oil seed rape crop that we had to write off, has been replaced with beans. The next big job will be planting potatoes and conditions are looking good. Having said that, as we know, things can change quickly…..


Luxury Glamping

Every opportunity I get I spend time in the tents. The beautiful conditions of late have blessed us with some glorious sunsets and there is no better place to be to watch these than from the decks of the safari tents. There has been no need to light the stoves, during the day at least, and as soon as Farmer David can spare some time, we will take advantage of having them to ourselves and camp out here for a night or two. Light the fire pit, toast some marshmallows and do a spot of stargazing – anyone else noticed Venus high up there shining brightly of late?





Although, as a nation on lock down, it feels a little as if the pause button has been pressed, it hasn’t passed me by that nature is carrying on regardless. The stark winter landscape has softened round the edges and a green haze has appeared on all the trees. The hedgerows and orchards are displaying a stunning array of blossom that is not only a sight to behold but is also filling the air with its sweet aroma. The birds appear to be singing louder than ever and the Greylags that return to Pondwood each year are proudly showing off their brood of six (we think – they move too quickly to count) goslings.



Our lives “on pause” may bring lots of different challenges for us all, but, as my mum always says “it is only temporary”. Before we know it, the play button will be pressed and off we will all go again, like tightly coiled springs, ready to live our busy lives. 

But, as I sit here taking a moment to enjoy the nature around me, hitting that pause button from time to time isn’t such a bad idea.


Family Glamping

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Happy Easter



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