So, here we are! At last!

Our very own website is now live to all you wonderful people and we really can not wait to share our small corner of Warwickshire with you all.

Since my husband David and I started talking about creating a glamping site on the family farm back in 20I7, our tentative conversations grew into meetings with safari tent manufacturers and applications for planning which was finally approved at the end of 2018.

At the beginning of this year we got busy landscaping the site.

We started off by planting our 72 tree heritage orchard. From watering regularly during the dry months, to pruning and more recently putting guards round each tree to protect from wildlife it has been amazing watching it grow – it will look stunning in a few years time when it is fully established.

We marked out where the tents will be located, considering the vista and sunsets to ensure the best possible seats in the house to enjoy both. We created a natural play area including a living willow dome and tunnel, and fallen trees to climb on.

As the Spring moved into the Summer, the Meadow Field really came into its own, giving us a wonderful insight into how it will look next year when we have guests staying.

Our 12 year old son, Alex, got involved at this stage with the arrival of the summer holidays, by mowing paths to reach the spaces where the safari tents will be located and from these spaces to the play areas and from there to the little footbridge that exits the field taking you to “Pondwood”, the private wood and pond that guests will have access to during their stay.

Since the end of the summer we seem to have been non stop – safari tents ordered with the fantastic Michelle and Mike at Bond Fabrications, the website creation by the wonderful team at Oxygen Graphics, the photographic shoots with the amazingly talented Lucy Woodrow, not to mention the decisions to be made on interior layout and purchase of contents… but hey, that part is not so tough – who doesn’t enjoy a good shopping spree!

Over the years Meadow Field has been used for many things, growing crops and grazing sheep amongst them, but all this time it has been quietly waiting for us to realise its full potential as a glamping site.

The many hours we have spent down there so far this year, the glorious sunrises and sunsets, taking time to laze in the hammock nestled amongst the trees in “Pondwood” (we will definitely be investing in a few more of those – what bliss…) watching it all transform as the seasons changed, really brought home to us what a very special space we have and one that we can share with you.

But don’t just take our word for it, why not take a closer look, come and stay with us and see for yourself……..xx Jules xx


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