1. the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.
    “autonomy in self-care and insulin administration”

    • the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.
      “expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care


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The term “Self Care” appears to be a current hot topic. It isn’t new to me however, and it is a concept I have been aware of for several years. But it wasn’t until recently that I started taking it more seriously.


2020 was life changing, not just because of the pandemic that tipped our lives upside down but because I went from being a mother and farmer’s wife to a small business owner. No one can ever prepare you for parenthood (or being a farmer’s wife for that matter!), but it was familiar to me and I was well within my comfort zone. As it turns out, no one can prepare you for the reality of running your own business either.


The responsibility of this coupled with the emotional roller coaster we all found ourselves on had left me completely depleted. I had forgotten rule no. 1 –

“put your own oxygen mask on first…”.

beautiful countryside


I am not a complete novice to self care. I know how to be mindful – enjoying our beautiful countryside which always gives me a boost whenever I immerse myself in it; doing things that make me feel good, such as playing tennis, practicing yoga or participating in amazingly restorative yoga nidra sessions; spending quality time with family or having a good old heart to heart with a close friend – “a problem shared is a problem halved”, and all that.


Looking back, I now realise, I had become so completely absorbed with Meadow Field Glamping and ensuring our guest experience was just right, that I hadn’t made time for myself, and with lockdown restrictions in place many of the things that would normally help me to destress were no longer accessible.


So, when our first glamping season came to a close last October I made a vow that this year would be different. With certain restrictions still in place last winter I re-instated my self care routine by signing up for weekly yoga classes via Zoom and with one to one meetups permitted, I ensured I took the time to enjoy a walk and a good catch up with a friend. And for anyone who follows me on social media you may have noticed a few Christmassy Lego projects being created. For what turned out to be a Christmas lacking sadly in seasonal spirit due to the vast majority of annual events not taking place, I hoped this would generate a little more excitement in the run up to Christmas. Plus the inner child in me fancied an outing 😉

Crochet and Lego


Throughout the last year, I have continued with my yoga practices and regular outdoor walks and have taught myself to crochet too! A wonderfully relaxing and fulfilling pastime. Hopefully the finished articles will find their way into the tents for next year. Despite a busy summer with wonderful glamping guests, it was fantastic to be able to spend time reconnecting with family and friends once more. And this year is no exception – there are a couple of seasonal Lego projects on the side lines just waiting for me to release my inner child again. Well, it is Christmas after all 😉 


As 2021 evolved with restrictions gradually being lifted, the covid vaccine successfully implemented and our liberties pretty much returned, I am sure I am not alone in feeling lighter in spirit and very much looking forward to a different festive season to last year.


I know that all these positive factors, besides a regular self care routine, will have contributed to a more upbeat outlook. Not to mention having two glamping seasons under the belt and a fantastic array of five star reviews all providing me with more confidence and a firm foundation from which to work from.  But these moments I have and continue to embrace for myself, whether it’s the five minute break for a cup of tea or a more indulgent five day break for a change of scenery, these moments that make me feel more relaxed, happy, grateful and fulfilled (glamping aside), help maintain my equilibrium.

A quiet moment of self care




Self care isn’t just about yoga and meditation – although I do find these practices incredibly beneficial – but it’s about finding things to do that you find relaxing and enjoyable.
If you need a little inspiration here are a few pastimes that tick those boxes for me;
A good book (or two…)
~I can not get enough of “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towels
It is beautifully written, historical, humorous and heart-warming.
~I have mentioned before in previous blogs “The Lost Words” by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris
A simply stunning work of art and literature.
And one for my Christmas wish list recently recommended by one of our lovely guests is the sequel to the above,  “The Lost Spells”
A good bake…
~My favourite mince pie recipe courtesy of the Waitrose Magazine from a few years ago – a frangipane twist on the traditional favourite. Yum.

~Danish Brown Cookies, a seasonal aromatic biscuit, that fills the house with the most amazing aromas of cinnamon, allspice, ginger and cloves.
Top tip: they bake very quickly so keep an eye on them – there is a fine line between being too soft, the perfect crunch and burnt.

A good make…
~Crochet – start with a granny square then work your way up to lovely things like crochet hearts and snowflakes you can give as gifts.

~Lego – I love following instructions and building Lego kits (I’m pretty nifty at flat pack furniture too!) Having lived in Denmark, the home of Lego for a few years as a child in the 70’s it is filled  with nostalgia for me. There are so many options available and not all targeted at the younger generation. Christmas Lego Kit  Flower Lego Kit

Meditation and mindful movement…
~I must mention my wonderful friend Sara of Connect to Calm. Her  beautifully restorative Yoga Nidra practices are a regular fixture in my diary. 
And although she is local to me, you can join in from afar via Zoom. Pop on over to her website for a little look at her offerings.

~And if you are local to me, enjoy yoga or it is something you want to find out more about then I highly recommend my friend Reb from The Garden Studio.
Reb is a real advocate of yoga for mental health and her Thai Yoga Massages are wonderfully relaxing if you fancy a treat too.

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