As Meadow Field is located at the heart of Home Farm, there is plenty of opportunity to observe the seasonal runnings of a modern day arable farm. In 2020, the three main crops that you will see growing around the farm are wheat, sugarbeet and potatoes.

If you stay with us during the month of April, you may get to see potatoes being planted.
This is a big operation usually involving four tractors in the field at any one time.
They all have crucial roles including cultivation, fertiliser and chemical application and of course planting the seed potato.

Did you know that one seed potato produces a crop of on average a dozen potatoes. Just imagine how many there would be in one field at harvest time.
Thousands! – think of all those lovely chips!

As the potato crops grow throughout the summer they produce a green foliage and by October they are ready to be harvested, an event also worth observing if you are with us at that time.
Wheat and sugarbeet will have already been planted by April and should be well underway getting established.

Sugarbeet produces a lush green foliage that fills out throughout the summer and white roots that look very similar to oversized parsnips. Periodically one or two plants have a growth spurt – towering over the rest of the crop. These require manually removing as they can cause problems in the future. So if you see someone walking up and down the rows during the summer months this is what is happening.

Sugarbeet harvest takes place during the cold winter months but don’t be too concerned about the farmers, as most modern tractors are very comfortable places to be. With large soft seats, climate control and state of the art audio system ensuring the long working hours pass by in relative luxury.
Wheat looks very much like a field of grass when it first starts to grow, but as the spring moves into summer, the crops grow nice and tall with the ears of wheat appearing.
Harvest begins at the end of July and continues throughout August, so if its a combine h you want to see in action then this is the time to get booked in at Meadow Field.

Outside of harvest there is still plenty of activity around the farm including machinery maintenance, crop husbandry and estate management.

The Home Farm team consists of myself, David and my Dad, Robin. With my Mum, Cynthia, and wife Jules, when she is not wearing her “Glamping” hat, in the farm office.
It is very much a family business, so if whilst you are staying with us you need any questions answering then please do not hesitate to seek us out as someone is usually on hand.

Watch this space for monthly updates from Home Farm.


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