Does anything beat getting together with friends or loved ones for a much-needed trip away? One word: glamping. A combination of the words ‘camping’ and ‘glamourous’, glamping is a huge step above your traditional camping experience. In short, glamping gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to escape reality and get back to nature, giving you the excitement of sleeping out in the wild and under the stars, without worrying about waking up to a soggy tent and a sore back. Basically, glamping provides you with everything you love about camping but with all the home comforts you need. Trust us, if you’re looking to book the perfect getaway with friends, family – or even coworkers, then staying with Meadow Field Luxury Glamping ticks every box, and here’s why:

Weatherproof accommodation Group enjoying glamping

Come rain or shine, our safari tents at Meadow Field Luxury Glamping are designed to withstand all types of weather – which means your trip away isn’t dependent on the sun coming out. In fact, thanks to our log burning stoves, centered in the heart of our tents, groups can guarantee a gorgeous getaway, even when it’s chilly outside.

Space for yourselves

Whether you’re catching up with old friends or enjoying some long-awaited time with family, having space to enjoy your trip away is priceless. While glamping tents, like ours at Meadow Field Luxury Glamping, feel cosy, they also give you all the space you need to relax and just enjoy quality time together. And with actual bedrooms, as well as designated kitchen and living space, our tents allow groups to make unforgettable memories together but without feeling like you’re living on top of one another. Better still, with only two tents on-site, you won’t be fighting with fellow groups for space. In fact, each of our glamping plots comes with its own BBQ, fire pit and outdoor dining area, which means your group will have everything they need to maximise your trip, on your doorstep. 

Quality time with friends and family

Glamping gives groups the ideal opportunity to simply spend time together – away from any unwanted distractions – in fact, for many, glamping is an opportunity to enjoy a digital detox and put their tech away. Once you immerse yourself in nature, we’re sure you’ll stop feeling the need to check your work e-mails, scroll through social media or the pressure of replying to the latest WhatsApp chat – giving you and your group the chance to completely switch off and relax.

Enjoy the great outdoors, together

We all know how beneficial getting some fresh air can be, with benefits including boosting our moods, reducing stress, helping us feel more relaxed and not to mention simply improving our physical health – the list is endless. Enjoying the great outdoors with friends or loved ones gives you the chance to really connect with one another and catch up, without being interrupted by the chaos that comes with everyday life. And the best bit? It’s a completely free activity! Whether you simply fancy a stroll around our beautiful glamping site here at Meadow Field Luxury Glamping, or want to explore the picturesque countryside that surrounds us, there are plenty of local areas to discover close by. 

Are you ready to book your group glamping experience?

Are you looking for that perfect group getaway in 2023? This is your sign to grab your friends, family or co-workers – as well as your four-legged friends – and book your group glamping trip with Meadow Field Luxury Glamping. Nestled in the heart of Warwickshire, in Harborough Magna, we have two luxury safari tents for your group – whether you book just one, or double up and have the whole site to yourself by booking both, we can’t wait to welcome you.


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