Are you on the hunt for somewhere unique to celebrate a special occasion this year? Do you want a location that’s easy for friends and family to reach, with plenty of space for relaxation? Somewhere that offers amenities for food preparation, including bathrooms and sleeping arrangements. Must there be plenty for children to do to prevent boredom kicking in, and is being dog-friendly essential? Ideally, the venue would be surrounded by countryside with footpaths easily accessible for exploration and pubs within walking distance. Above all, you want a place where unforgettable memories can be made. Could glamping be the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion? 

Let’s explore this idea in more depth:


Location, Location, Location:

Of course, a top priority when working out where to hold your gathering is the location. Primarily, making sure it is central for everyone, especially if members of your group are travelling from around the country. The midlands,therefore, located in the heart of England, couldn’t be a better place. Spanning approximately 10 counties, the more central counties being Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, there is quite a pot of locations to pick from. Whether it is rolling countryside you are looking for or proximity to a town or city, you will be sure to find a glamping site perfectly located for all your celebratory needs.


Glamping comes in all shapes and sizes, from cosy shepherds huts to spacious safari tents; holiday village style spaces to private, more exclusive locations. No matter what size your group and their needs, you will be hard pushed not to find somewhere that offers something for everybody. Some sites even offer a mixture of accommodation styles, catering for couples in bell tents and shepherds huts and much larger family groups in yurts and safari tents.

Services and facilities:

Many glamping sites offer a versatile approach when it comes to their services. Some provide meals, others will welcome outside caterers of your choosing to cook up a culinary storm on your behalf. Of course, there is always the self catering option, where you can take full control and prepare your own food. Perhaps making the most of the unique opportunity a glamping stay can give you to cook “alfresco”. Why not try something new by creating a feast on a fire pit or BBQ grill. Or maybe in the oven of a log burning stove. There is nothing more bonding than a meal that is prepared together. Sharing recipes, culture, heritage and much loved memories through food – creates an unforgettable experience to mark a special occasion.

Size and capacity:

One of the great things about utilising a glamping site for your celebrations and group gathering is the space you will have available to you – especially outdoors. This is a key element of the glamping experience, being that bit closer to nature, whilst enjoying the comforts of a boutique hotel. Many glamping sites also offer a separate area to the accommodation to host your celebrations in, although these may come at an extra cost. By choosing larger style glamping accommodations, such as safari tents that offer living and kitchen areas under the same roof as beds and bathrooms, you could save some money.

Layout and aesthetics:

Choosing a glamping site to host your celebrations at, is definitely a more unique choice, than say a function room or village hall. Luxury glamping offers you space, boutique style aesthetics alongside the wonders that mother nature provides, whether that is bird song, oodles of fresh air or campfires under starry skies. With space for your party to spread out in, there is plenty of opportunity to find a quiet corner for those seeking a respite from the festivities.


More often than not, most glamping sites offer a private space for you and your group to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate in style. Of course there may well be the odd site rule that will need to be adhered to but knowing you don’t have any immediate neighbors to worry about is always a bonus. 

Venue Cost:

The great thing about group bookings and sharing facilities is the ability to split the cost, making it a much more affordable option. You will also have the flexibility to add extras to your stay, such as ready made meals or food hampers. Or you can simply create your own party banquet utilising the cooking facilities available to you at your chosen glamping accommodation.

In conclusion:

Choosing a glamping site to host your celebrations is a win win for everyone. Picture yourself, surrounded by your loved ones, around a crackling fire pit, watching the stars appear one by one as the evening falls. Feeling satiated by a sumptuous feast prepared in the great outdoors, toasting the occasion you have all gathered to celebrate, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to book a glamping holiday to celebrate your special occasion?

If you’re looking for a venue to share a special celebration with family and friends this year then why not consider Meadow Field Luxury Glamping. With two spacious luxury safari tents, sleeping up to 6 in each, located in its own private meadow field in rural Warwickshire you simply can’t beat a better place for your intimate gathering. Discover what we have to offer, and find out if your dates are available.

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