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Since our amazing first glamping season came to a close at the end of October I have found time for the things that I enjoy doing. However, it has still been a bit of a struggle getting into the spirit of things, especially with Christmas being a little bit more limited this year than other years. So,

the first of December, I made a pact to do something Christmassy each day in the run up to the big day. And, do you know what? I do believe the Christmas Spirit, or Christmas Hygge, deep in my core, is beginning to stir.

Free Christmas Clip Art

I have always truly loved Christmas. As I write this I have plugged in the fairy lights and got Christmas hits playing in the back ground. Already my spirits feel lifted.

Free Christmas Clip Art

I love the decorations; the sweet treats; the colourful lights that festoon all the houses, shops and high streets. I love going out to choose the Christmas tree – which has to be just right!

For many years I looked at nothing else but the Nordman Fir.  More recently, though, I prefer a Spruce. They may be a little more high maintenance, requiring regular watering and do have a tendency to shed needles but wow, are they fragrant. You definitely know one is in the house.

Free Christmas Clip Art

My family lived in Denmark in the ’70’s and early ’80’s and I firmly believe we learnt from the masters. The Scandinavians really know how to “do” Christmas.

Free Christmas Clip Art

Nisse Men

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The advent candles; the home baked goodies; the Nisse Men or Tomte (the little gnome like characters that resemble Father Christmas); the abundance of gorgeous crafted Christmas decorations; the singing round the christmas tree on Christmas Eve (not, sadly, that we do that so much anymore – just in the kitchen singing along to The Pogues).


Free Christmas Clip Art

But of all these wonderful Christmas traditions that we brought back to the UK with us, the one that we have adopted, nay, truly absorbed, is Hygge.

Pronounced Hoo-ga, as described in the English dictionary, it is “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”.

Free Christmas Clip Art

Cosy sofa and log burning stove

Snuggling up with a good book, either to share with others or by yourself; family time playing board games; watching classic films; chatting round a meal table; filling the house with comforting, nostalgic aromas. Whether it’s a Sunday roast cooking in the oven or seasonal favourites such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or clove. Being greeted by these when you cross a threshold is enough to lighten your mood.

Free Christmas Clip Art

Hygge needn’t just be for Christmas. It is something that can be created any time of year. Experience it every day if you can.

Luxury Glamping Safari Tent

Our luxurious safari tents were created with Hygge in mind. Warm cosy bedrooms, with the most amazingpillows and duvets, that you can quite literally sink in to. Blankets and throws. A log burner and outdoor fire pit for marshmallowing and stargazing.

Hygge is about spending time with family and friends. Long country walks, coming back to hot chocolate and crumpets on cold days or chilled wine on the deck on a warm summers evening with the sound of nature all around you.

Free Christmas Clip Art

So, although there may not be quite so many Christmas offerings available to us this year (pantomimes, Christmas markets, meals out and drinks down the local) it shouldn’t stop you from making time and space to create a bit of Hygge in your lives.

Free Christmas Clip Art


Light a candle or two and fill your home with some christmas aromas (I have attached a recipe for “Brunkager”, Danish Brown Cookies, should you wish to try them – naughty but oh so nice!!!). Why not have a Christmas Zoom party. I had one the other night with the amazing ladies from Nimble Networking. It’s not the same I know as physically being with people, but, as we found out, it was fun and you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine….…


Free Christmas Clip Art

However you are spending it, have a truly wonderful hygge filled Christmas time. Embrace that Christmas Spirit and keep well and safe.

Free Christmas Clip Art

“Glædelig Jul!”

(As they say in Denmark!)

Free Christmas Clip Art

Keep an eye on your mail box Christmas Eve as I shall be sending you a small Hygge thank you for being a valued subscriber.

And if you aren’t a subscriber and would like to join, then you can sign up here and you too can receive a Christmas Eve treat!

Free Christmas Clip Art

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Click here for the Danish Brown Cookie Recipe


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