What do we all look for in a good night’s sleep? A comfortable mattress? Cosy bedding? The right room temperature and lighting? These are all things we considered when creating our glamping experience. We firmly believe returning home feeling rested and relaxed after time away contributes towards a memorable holiday. A big part of this relies completely on getting a good night’s sleep.


There are so many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, whether for your mental or physical health. Sleep can boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, strengthen your heart and increase exercise performance. It can also improve memory, make you more productive and improve your mood.


It can be quite easy to implement a new routine to help promote sleep.
Reducing the amount of caffeine consumed after midday is a good place to start. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every night and morning. Regular exercise and creating the right sleep environment also helps. If you have a lot on your mind which is preventing you from falling asleep the advice is to write it down. Get it out of your head and on to paper. I always find writing a list of the things I need to do the following day really useful. I then get lost in a really good book to relax my mind and help me get sleepy. 


What have we done here at Meadow Field Luxury Glamping to help our guests achieve that all important good night’s sleep?

Well, most importantly there is no sleeping on blow up mattresses or roll mats in our glamorous camping accommodation. Each luxury safari tent has two single beds, a king size bed and a double cabin bed with super comfortable mattresses including Emma, “the UK’s most awarded sleep brand 2020 & 2021”

a good night's sleep


To create that cosy, hygge environment we have added curtains to our canvas walls. Not only do they help with insulation, they also darken the room, especially during the height of summer when the sun is with us later in the day and earlier in the morning.

a good night's sleep


If the nights are a little cool we have throws and electric blankets on all the beds that help warm them up before you get in. If you prefer the old fashioned method then there are plenty of hot water bottles at hand too. Not forgetting the tower heaters in each bedroom that can provide you with just the right temperature should more heat be required.


The “Piece de resistance” – our bedding.

Many of our wonderful guests have commented on the fabulous duvets and pillows we use. We often get asked where we got them from.
So, as valued subscribers and blog readers I will let you in on our little secret…


But first, let’s start with the bedding.
We use 100% Egyptian cotton bedding that is soft and breathable and ensures our VIP guests are given that luxury-hotel feel.
We add an extra layer of hygienic protection by using pillow and duvet protectors.

a good night's sleep

Our pillows and duvets were one of our best discoveries at the beginning of our glamping journey.
They are sourced from an amazing company called Soak & Sleep.
Their all season soft as down duvets provide a 10.5 tog comfort during the warmer months. And by adding a second 4.5 tog duvet when the nights get cooler gives our guests a superb 15 togs to snuggle under.
As most of us spend on average eight hours tucked up in bed, it was important that we provided some relief to any allergy sufferers amongst our guests whilst still providing that “luxury down” experience.

As Soak and Sleep say themselves…


“Although this duvet feels as soft as luxury down, it’s actually microfibre. Soft, squishy and wonderfully lofty; this duvet is a bedtime beauty.
Who’d have thought we could get a man-made alternative to feel so convincingly like Goose Down? Perfect for anyone who loves a light, fluffy duvet but prefers, or needs, a synthetic alternative.”

We wanted to cover all bases with the pillows too, so these also give the soft as down experience with a choice of either soft/medium and medium/firm pillows.



Our sleep preferences are very personal (I have been known to take my own pillow with me if ever staying away from home), and we really hope that we have covered most, if not all bases for every one of our VIP guests staying in our luxury safari tents.

a good night's sleep



What our guest’s say;

“Beds are brilliant, comfy and too nice to get out of.”


“Egyptian cotton sheets and towels, electric blankets in bed, snug duvets and mattresses that are so comfortable you can’t wait to go to bed.”
 “We slept in this double cubby hole bed that was so cosy and comfortable… best sleep I have had in years.”
“Super comfy beds & bedding including the cabin bed which was a huge hit with kids…”
“This is a fantastic place and we all slept amazingly!”
“We absolutely loved the cabin bed with the beautiful fairy lights, it is super cosy! The hot water bottles and mattresses were lovely and snug.”
“The beds were super comfy and had the best sleep we’ve had for a long time”
“We just loved that home from home feeling of the tent – so much so that I’m going to put an order in for some replica duvet and pillows as soon as we get home!!”



Check out the NHS’s top tips for improving your night’s sleep if you are having trouble;
NHS Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

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